The Yen MD Story

Before Yen MD, I was a clinical dermatologist working for a large medical group that rhymes with Pfizer.
This is me in 2001, ready to provide the best care I could.
young Khanh Truong
My days were filled with an overwhelming number of new patients. I felt like a doctor on an assembly line, rushed and disconnected from the people I was supposed to help. How good can a doctor be when they only have a few minutes with each patient?
Driven to do better, I launched my own dermatology practice. In this small clinic setting, I could dedicate more to each patient and better understand them. It was during these appointments that I stumbled on a new problem: most people are terribly misled on skincare. I remember one patient using 10 different products that counteracted each other, cancelling out their benefits and going nowhere!
I began to teach my patients skincare basics during regular medical visits. In doing so, I realized the need for better education and better skincare products. Although it would take me many years to develop my products, the idea of Yen MD had been born. So I got to work, guided by my p ersonal philosophy:

Your natural beauty is your best look

I'm proud to share the culmination of my expertise. Yen MD is the result of years of listening to my patients and a dedication to medically healthy skin. I'm here to tell you that when you take proper care of your skin, good looks may not be so fleeting.
Khanh Truong, MD
Board-Certified Dermatologist
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